Dave Nelson

Dave NelsonMy name is R. David Nelson and I want to welcome you to our website.

I trust that you will find something of interest here and that your experience will be both informative and enjoyable.


With more than 25 years of executive-level expertise in procurement and supply chain management, David Nelson has developed a well-earned reputation as a leading figure in purchasing methodology and cost management.

His experience is in a wide variety of industries with emphasis on:
  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Metallurgy
  • Technology

Mr. Nelson has assisted numerous companies in improving supply processes. He specializes in assessing supply strategies, identifying problem areas and recommending best practices to ensure a more efficient, cost-effective process. His noteworthy achievements include:

  • Worked with the executive supply management team of one of the world’s largest airplane manufacturers to identify strengths and weaknesses in the supply chain and presented solutions to help the company implement best practices
  • Performed an assessment of procurement and supply chain management for the world’s leading medical technology company and made recommendations for best practices
  • Vice president of global supply management for one of the automotive industry’s leading suppliers of mobile electronics and transportation technology, where he was the main advocate for the company’s global supply management task team
  • Vice president of worldwide supply management for the world’s leading farming and forestry equipment manufacturer where, under his direction, the company earned a reputation for superior supply management processes and best practices
  • Senior vice president of purchasing and corporate affairs and member of the board of directors for an automotive manufacturing plant with an annual vehicle production capacity of 440,000, where he was instrumental in helping the company earn Purchasing magazine’s prestigious Medal of Professional Excellence
  • Serving in various manufacturing, purchasing, sales and marketing roles at one of the world’s largest and most diversified suppliers of automotive systems, modules and components
The Incredible Payback

An eye-opening look at the power of supply management with The Incredible Payback.This timely book presents amazing success stories from best-of-the-best procurement organizations like Honda, Delphi, John Deere, and others. Using the same cost-management strategies implemented at these leading organizations, The Incredible Payback shows how any company can reap benefits including, saving up to 30 percent on material and service expenses, leveraging technology to accelerate savings, high-yield supplier development programs, extension of financial opportunities throughout the highest levels of the enterprise, exponentially increasing savings potential. Great companies save money every day. Now every organization can realize The Incredible Payback

The Purchasing Machine

The Purchasing MachineEvery day companies leave billions of dollars in invisible, unrealized savings on the table because of poor supply chain management practices. Now supply management experts Dave Nelson, Patricia E. Moody, and Jonathan Stegner show not only how leading companies recoup these savings through their mastery of target costing, value engineering, and supplier development, but how supply chain management -- the discipline of acquiring and moving material -- has become a manufacturing company's hottest competitive weapon.

Over the years, Mr. Nelson has received countless awards and distinctions, including the J. Shipman Gold Medal Award, the Institute for Supply Management’s highest distinction.
He is a Certified Purchasing Manager, chair emeritus of the Institute for Supply Management and a founding chair of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) Chief Purchasing Officers Council. He also served on the board of trustees for CAPS Research, an organization that promotes academic research in strategic supply management, and is actively involved with The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, which promotes Lean Manufacturing concepts.

Additionally, Mr. Nelson has co-authored three books: one on Honda and two on best practices for managing supply chains.